Topics of Interest

SMUC10 workshop is an extraordinary place where to present on-going works that exploit Social Media and/or use Opinion Mining technologies. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

A) Mining Social Media

  • Knowledge discovery
  • Social networks analysis/mining
  • Tagging analysis/miningLink and graphs analysis/mining
  • Community detection and evolution
  • Influence, trust and privacy analysis
  • Topic detection and trend discovery
  • Spamming and phishing detection
  • Wikipedia/Social Media vandalism
  • Social media monitoring/analysis
  • Cross-lingual/cross-domain text mining in social media

B) Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis

  • Opinion extraction
  • Opinion classification
  • Opinion summarization and visualization
  • Blogs analysis
  • Opinion flame
  • Temporal sentiment analysis
  • Cross-lingual/cross-domain sentiment analysis
  • Irony detection in opinion mining
  • Wish analysis
  • Product review analysis

C) Search in Social Media

  • Novel social search algorithms
  • Novel search algorithms for Social Media
  • Social ranking
  • Multi-entity search
  • Multifaceted search
  • Multilingual IR for Social Media
  • Multimedia IR in Social Media
  • User Modeling and Personalization in Social Media
  • Decentralized, distributed and high performance algorithms
  • Architectures, scalability and efficiency

D) Other Social Intelligent Systems

  • Recommender systems
  • Semantic Social Media
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Market analysis
  • Cross-lingual/cross-domain social intelligent systems
  • Business Intelligence Applications (direct marketing, branding, …)

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